Product Sourcing & Warehousing

To make your business run efficiently a multivendor system is required. CiTC has therefore relationships with over 1,000 manufacturers providing access to millions of products and parts.

We understand that deliveries have to be completed with all critical line items
– as one missing part can stop your business.

We receive, disperse, pick/pack, assemble and repackage product for customers in our warehouse facilities. We continuous monitoring to provide you continuous visibility of your orders.

Typically, we handle specific customer business in a single location including tracking, monitoring, moving, managing and reporting.

Pick/ Pack

CiTC has significant experience with complex Pick/Pack operations, breaking down pallets and shipments to fulfill customized orders.

Inventory Control

Flawless management of your inventory is our top priority. With regular cycle counts and best in class processes, CiTC provides you with a reliable inventory management solution.

Order Fulfillment

The right order, on time, real time, every time. That is our goal with every delivery, for every customer.


Integrated Warehouse Management System(WMS) and Transportation Management System(TMS), RF Scanning, Online Inventory Tracking… CiTC provides customers with technology offerings that augment existing supply chain controls and provide real-time visibility of inventory.

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